govt money 2023 tech site bangla 2023 money donation in bangladesh 2023

govt money 2023 tech site bangla 2023 money donation in bangladesh 2023

Assalamualaikum account only 3000 taka how are you all and you will get 3000 taka bonus by account this money you will show proof with your Bikash cash paper paytm account



Then see but I got this only 3000 rupees in Bikash I came to sms then see it says money 3000 rupees today’s date is written but money income is only 3000 rupees so I request to all



So far those who have forgotten to like the video please like and comment on the video bro I want to earn but after watching today’s video you can earn three thousand rupees and you don’t need any money to work here



You can withdraw 3000 rupees bonus with free account and if you don’t get covered then tell me I will give you my money so pay attention you have to watch today’s video



Many people watch your videos through YouTube to earn money but you may never earn but today’s video will help you to earn so I will tell you all again to watch the video carefully.



But after watching today’s video you can earn money first you need to bat for that search from play store you install it you connect you can play drama click one click then you will be married



Then in this way you will account I will discuss all the issues if you don’t watch the video carefully but you will not be able to earn in life that’s why I will tell you to watch the video carefully but you will get 3000 rupees there are many people who watch the video carefully they don’t watch the video but But in life, you can’t make horse eggs and income



Many people tell me brother I don’t get money I will tell them if you don’t watch video but you won’t get money if you tell me brother we don’t get money then but you have news brother that’s why I say watch video do work



Then you will say brother didn’t get money then if you don’t tell me you didn’t get money then I will give you my money for that you don’t need to watch the video there are students but they all can earn then click here



By clicking you have to install your application from this application then you have to login again by logging in you have to enter your account I have already logged in then create new account



You have to click and install from this application but you can’t create account I will ask you to do like this you have to do like that but you can earn money after watching today’s video



Open the application and create an account by clicking on Open. To create an account, click on Create Account. I will ask you to do this to withdraw money.



If you go for master’s study, then you will not be able to earn. Click on create new account. Click on it. You will need to fill in your name. First, see your name. Never tell anyone



Then again the code is given then click on create account and click on the account ok finally my account is successful then click on your account then you have to login to your account enter your number enter the number then enter the pin number



Give the number then login then you will be able to create account then see it says big file icon click here click on profile icon then see here refer code then number one then total total



Here but if you want to earn by referring it will be your out income if you want to make out income then you can earn by referring then see then see



I will click here and then see to earn through this app BalanceOne has been able to earn through this app if you want but you can earn a lot of money then you will see after watching see here there is support support supports



You have to join telegram group I but now click on telegram then your telegram group then you get numerous payment proof 2017 but you see payment proof but you can work that African actually open this app



But Telegram Group is telling everyone for Telegram Telegram Group Join this group I tell you that you have to follow you for that you can earn then look here you will be here but you just have to click next again and again


Free Internet 300GB


Then you can earn through this app and earn your money in just one second when you upload when you send your friend request in just one hour or just in five minutes you will get your money see written

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